Measuring the Success of a Marketing Scenario

Ever since I can remember I have been involved in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). I stuck with Boy Scouts all the way through, I even earned my Eagle Scout award. The Eagle Scout award is the most prestigious and highest ranking attainable in the BSA. In order for one to achieve their Eagle award they must perform an Eagle project.

With that being said, my Eagle project consisted of gaining trustworthy volunteers, doing some door-to-door marketing dropping off flyers, picking up canned foods (for shelter) and much more. The main goal of the project was to end up with 1,000 items total for the HAVEN shelter.


  • Donate at least 1,000 items
  • Rally trustworthy volunteers to help pass out flyers
  • Get lunch donated for volunteers
  • Represent Boy Scout Troop 1627 and the BSA as a respectable organization

The metrics that I would use for this scenario are a little bit different than your typical metrics considering we are dropping off flyers for a canned food drive.


  • Ratio to determine which streets in the radius donated the most canned goods
  • Ratio to determine how many houses actually donated out of the number of houses delivered to
  • Counting out how many items were actually donated in total
  • Conversion ratio of items donated by people who were handed flyers
  • Conversion ratio of items donated by people who were told of my project by word of mouth

There are quite a few tools that could be used in this scenario to make keeping track of all of this information a lot more simple and less confusing. These tools that I used/wish I would have used during my Eagle project are the following:


  • Excel
  • Google Analytics

Several accomplishments defined the success of this marketing campaign. I was lucky enough to have Hungry Howie’s pizza donate lunch for my volunteers. I also was fortunate to have enough amazing people around me to help out with the project by volunteering. I ended up raising over 1,700 items, which surpassed my goal by 700 items. Needless to say the shelter was overwhelmed.


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